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The connection between our state of mind and our environment is something we are often unaware of, yet transformation of our physical surroundings is continually shown to be the catalyst for profound and lasting change.

'Declutter, simplify, organise' is an exciting project where our sessions will give you insight into how your environment effects you, and the ensuing inspired action will produce astounding results - both expected and unexpected. 

Again we will start with a half hour session free of charge to see how we will work together.

Fees: £100 for 50min session. 

Sessions can also be held online, but are more effective if I can be there with you.

Work place consultations and training also available - please enquire. 




So many people spend their lives on a diet, and later in life they lament the years they hadn't been the weight they wanted to be.  Whether you would like to lose weight or maintain it, we can help you with your goal.  This is not a group where we tell you what to eat, this is about the psychology of weight management.  Whatever recognised diet you decide on, myself and a fantastic mentor will help you build the motivation and resilience to see it through. 

What to expect

Our sessions include individual weighing and monitoring, a presentation and a Q&A providing individualised help. 

If you think this is for you, come and meet us.  The first session is free. 

Fees: £10 per session. 


In collaboration with an illustrious Counselling and Business Psychologist. We provide courses and training events for companies in a variety of areas including:

  • Stress management

  • Mental health training

  • Emotional intelligence and resilience

  • Risk management

  • Beating burn-out

  • Anger management

  • Change management

  • Conflict management

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Mentoring

  • Time management

We also develop bespoke packages in accordance with the needs of your company. 

Please enquire. 

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