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Creating a meaningful and enchanting life is more than a wish, it is a responsibility, a duty to ourselves and to the world.  Life is not just to be survived, or to be 'quietly lived in desperation' as Henry David Thoreau famously proffered.  We need to embrace and design both our inner and outer world (each reflects the other) to achieve the ultimate fulfilment.  That's why Psychology and Lifestyle takes a full-spectrum approach to attaining peace, purpose and happiness, whatever that means to us individually. 

As a Psychologist, I have seen many people flounder for years, held back by emotional trauma or a network of limiting beliefs and actions.  We need to be released from this in order to create an approach to living which tends to our aspirations and needs.  Consequently, Psychology and Lifestyle offers not only therapeutic sessions, but also far-sighted coaching experiences and a growing range of other services in the sincere hope that this will bring benefit and inspiration to people. 


Dr Georgina Barnett, C.Psychol

HCPC Registered Psychologist

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